B2B-marknadsförare? Läs intervjun med en av världens främsta experter på kundreferenser!

Vi tycker att det är viktigt med internationell kunskap på referensområdet. Därför sponsrar vi på Grundlig Kommunikation den första internationella konferensen om kundrefenser, som går av stapeln i Boston i maj.  Det vore roligt att få sällskap av fler svenska B2B-marknadsförare.

Vi bad Claudia Koenig på CKoenig-Consulting, initiativtagare till konferensen, att berätta mer:  

What is customer refererence management?  Customer references are considered by many to be the most powerful and influential sales tool, providing credibility and advancing your company’s revenue goals. Customer References help building trust in a company´s products or services.

You have founded the International CRP Community. Can you tell us a little about it?  The community was founded in early 2011. The aim of the International CRP Community is to network and share best practices with experienced Customer Reference and marketing professionals around the globe on how to build or run efficient Customer Reference Programs. Many of the leading IT and B2B companies are part of this community, amongst them: Intel, SAP, Cisco, IBM, HP, Oracle, Avaya, Juniper Networks and many more. We meet via phone every other month and share best practices with an international audience. In these calls, we usually offer one or two presentations from seasoned Customer Reference Program professionals of leading IT-companies

In May, you will all meet in Boston at the 1st International CRP Community meeting. Why do you meet in person?   We usually meet over phone about every other month. However, there is the great desire to network and socialize with peers from other countries or regions at such networking events, where they can also learn about various other Customer Reference Programs and share best practices with Customer Reference Professionals from within companies of all sizes.

Who will attend?  In general, Customer Reference Program and marketing professionals from IT companies of various sizes who got a desire to share best practices with their peers and network. We will definitely have participants from major companies such as Philips, Siemens, Cisco, IBM, VMWare, Intel. But there will also be mid-sized IT companies attending such as Saba Software of Axceler.

As the conference will be held in the Greater Boston area, we will also approach Universities and Business Schools in New England. With the increasing demand for information on Customer Reference Management at Universities and Business Schools around the globe, we consider this event an opportunity for students and tutors to learn more about this topic.

If I am interested in attending, how can I get more information?  You can visit the event website: http://crp-consulting.com/international-crp-community/event-may-2012

Here you will also find information on the early bird registration and the group discount which is being offered to make it more attractive for larger organizations to send their team members along to the conference.

Or also contact me under: +49-176-26092106 or send an email to: ckoenig-consulting@gmx.de